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First Team Results 1986/87

provided by Chairboys on the Net

Game  Date     Opposition                    Comp      V Result
   16-Aug-1986 Croydon                        VOL      H W  3-1
   19-Aug-1986 Kingstonian                    VOL      A W  1-0
   23-Aug-1986 Walthamstow Avenue             VOL      A W  2-1
   26-Aug-1986 Windsor & Eton                 VOL      H W  4-1
   30-Aug-1986 Bognor Regis Town              VOL      H W  2-1
    2-Sep-1986 Hayes                          VOL      A W  2-0
    6-Sep-1986 Bromley                        VOL      A W  4-0
    9-Sep-1986 St Albans City                 VOL      H W  3-0
   16-Sep-1986 Hornchurch                     ACDC1    H W  3-2
   20-Sep-1986 Farnborough Town               VOL      H L  1-2
   27-Sep-1986 Yeovil Town                    VOL      A L  1-2
    4-Oct-1986 Bishops Stortford              VOL      H D  0-0
    7-Oct-1986 Harrow Borough                 VOL      A L  1-2
   11-Oct-1986 Slough Town                    VOL      A W  3-0
   18-Oct-1986 Tooting & Mitcham United       VOL      H W  4-0
   25-Oct-1986 V S Rugby                      FAC 4Q   H L  1-5
    1-Nov-1986 Worthing                       VOL      H W  4-2
    4-Nov-1986 Hayes                          VOL      H W  2-1
    8-Nov-1986 Wokingham Town                 VOL      A W  1-0
   11-Nov-1986 Yeovil Town                    GMAC1    H L  1-4
   15-Nov-1986 Hendon                         VOL      H W  5-0
   18-Nov-1986 Worthing                       ACDC2    H W  2-1
   22-Nov-1986 Bishops Stortford              VOL      A W  4-1
   29-Nov-1986 Barking                        VOL      A W  4-3
    6-Dec-1986 Hendon                         VOL      A W  3-2
    9-Dec-1986 Wokingham Town                 VOL      H W  2-0
   13-Dec-1986 Dulwich Hamlet                 VOL      H W  4-1
   16-Dec-1986 Yeovil Town                    ACDC3    H L  1-2
   20-Dec-1986 Leatherhead                    FAT 1    H D  0-0
   23-Dec-1986 Leatherhead                    FAT 1 r  A L  0-1
   27-Dec-1986 Kingstonian                    VOL      H W  3-2
    3-Jan-1987 Croydon                        VOL      A L  0-1
    6-Jan-1987 Hitchin Town                   VOL      H W  1-0
   10-Jan-1987 Walthamstow Avenue             VOL      H W  7-1
   24-Jan-1987 Bromley                        VOL      H W  3-0
   27-Jan-1987 Windsor & Eton                 B&B 2    H W 11-1
   31-Jan-1987 St Albans City                 VOL      A W  4-1
    7-Feb-1987 Farnborough Town               VOL      A D  0-0
   14-Feb-1987 Yeovil Town                    VOL      H L  0-1
   17-Feb-1987 Marlow                         B&B 3    H W  3-0
   24-Feb-1987 Windsor & Eton                 VOL      A W  5-1
   26-Feb-1987 R.A.F.                         BoBC     H L  0-5
   28-Feb-1987 Slough Town                    VOL      H D  1-1
    7-Mar-1987 Tooting & Mitcham United       VOL      A D  0-0
   14-Mar-1987 Harrow Borough                 VOL      H D  0-0
   21-Mar-1987 Worthing                       VOL      A W  3-0
   24-Mar-1987 Abingdon Town                  B&B S/F  H W  5-0
   28-Mar-1987 Carshalton Athletic            VOL      A W  2-0
    4-Apr-1987 Barking                        VOL      H W  2-1
   11-Apr-1987 Carshalton Athletic            VOL      H W  4-0
   13-Apr-1987 Bognor Regis Town              VOL      A W  2-1
   18-Apr-1987 Hitchin Town                   VOL      A W  2-1
   25-Apr-1987 Aylesbury United               B&B F    N W  3-2
    2-May-1987 Dulwich Hamlet                 VOL      A W  4-1
Key:  VOL=Vauxhall Opel League (Isthmian)
      ACDC=AC Delco Cup (League Cup)
      GMAC=GMAC Cup (Inter League Cup)
      FAC=FA Cup (exempt to 4th Qualifying)
      FAT=FA Trophy (exempt to First Round Proper)
      B&B=Berks & Bucks Senior Cup
      BoBC=Battle of Britain Cup

FINAL LEAGUE POSITION - Champions from 22
             promoted to GM Vauxhall Conference