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Name and shameÖ

If there is one thing certain about the name of Adams Park being sold to a sponsor, itís that the supporters of Wycombe Wanderers wonít benefit financially. It has become a truism in football that the more successful a football club is commercially, the more it charges its supporters to watch their side play. The prospect of more money being invested in the club resulting in lower ticket prices for loyal supporters wonít even be discussed. But that isnít the point.

The vote is of course a matter of principle. You either think the name of the ground should honour the name of the clubís greatest figure and his contribution to the history of the club, or you believe that doesnít matter and that WWFC should attract sponsorship wherever it can find it. Itís a matter of right and wrong, of A or B, or B1, B2 and B3.

Right and wrong. If the club believe that selling the name of the ground is right, then why are they bothering to ask the fans otherwise? If they believe itís right, then why arenít they proud of doing it? Why are they mentioning putting Adams Park in the address of the ground, or honouring Frank Adams in other ways, if they see nothing wrong in selling the name of Adams Park? If you believe in it Ė do it. Donít be apologetic, donít feel shame, donít look for compromise Ė do what you think is right.

The answer is, inevitably, that it isnít right. There is no compromise for those who believe the ground should be called Adams Park. There is no A2 or A3 on the voting form, because there doesnít need to be.

Sponsors become sponsors out of commercial calculation, not from generosity or sentiment. Whichever company sponsors Adams Park will do so for their own well-being. They care about their own company. Wycombe Wanderers are just another advertising opportunity.

They donít care about the future of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club.

Frank Adams did.

If that means anything to you, take two minutes out of your life to vote A before the 31st July.

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