(Friday 5th April 2002)
Adams Park - a view from the TunnelWanderers Chief Executive Simon Monkman says that the decision of Wycombe District Council to rule out rugby at Adams Park under the current planning conditions has made him even more determined to bring Wasps Rugby Club to Adams Park. He is also clutching on the slim chance that the situation may be turned around before the start of next season. Wanderers and the Wasps are expected to jointly re-submit an application to the council during the second week of April and are said to be confident of success.

However, the application will take around eight weeks before a decision is made and Wanderers are understood to be considering taking the gamble and going ahead with the installation of 'Desso' pitch before this date. The Club have to commit to the installation, which will also include undersoil heating, well before the end of April in order to grab a timeslot with the contractors. It's estimated that the new pitch will cost around 500,000 and Wasps will only pay their share if they know that Adams Park will become available.

Monkman is keen to take the gamble. He told the BFP "Even if we don't get the commitment back from Wasps, we're looking at the viability of raising the money ourselves. If we get the pitch done this season and we don't get rugby next season, it gives the surface a year to bed in for when Wasps do arrive"

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