(Saturday 2nd March 2002)
Adams Park pitch - state of art surface and undersoil heating to be installed Wycombe have broken their silence on the proposals to bring Wasps Rugby Club to Adams Park. Club Director Alan Parry wrote at length about the topic in his programme notes for the game with Bury on Saturday 2nd March. The Club are sweating on Wycombe Council giving the thumbs up and the local residents raising no objections and Parry said in his notes "The Club has asked for clarification on this issue after agreeing in principle to a request from Wasps RUFC to use our stadium for first team matches." It's understood that the Club's legal experts have assured the Directors that there is no reason why Wasps shouldn't be allowed to use Adams Park and the matter is now firmly in the hands of the council's own legal team. Parry added "We are confident that we have a good case but should the verdict go against us we would still have the right of appeal"
Parry also assured fans that money generated from any deal would be invested back into the playing side, saying "I can promise supporters that every penny earned through a ground-sharing scheme with Wasps would be ploughed back into the football club. It would make a major difference to Lawrie Sanchez's budget for players and that's one of the reasons why the manager is happy to see the deal go through"
It's also now no secret that the deal would see Wanderers install a new 'state-of-the-art' pitch with undersoil heating but this would only be partly funded by the money from Wasps. Recent estimates on the cost of this project have been in the order of 600,000 and this would eat significantly into any money being made available for the playing squad.
However, Parry says the advantages of Wasps coming to Wycombe far outweigh the disadvantages, adding "The deal is perfect for us, for Wasps themselves and the town. It will add another sporting institution to the leisure facilities in this area and could enable Wanderers to realise our own ambitions"
Parry, who confessed to not being a 'rugby man', concluded his notes by saying "The Wasps deal is another important stepping stone in our progression as a professional club and I very much hope it goes through smoothly"

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