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(Wednesday 17th May 2000)
Lawrie SanchezLawrie Sanchez stressed his need to get players who will add more goals to the Wanderers attack when he answered fans questions during a one-hour phone-in special broadcast on Wycombe local radio station 1170am on Thursday 11th May.

Sanchez commented "We had the eighth best defence in the league this year - so we had a 'play-off defence'. We were the 16th best attacking force, so we scored probably 20 goals less than you need to get into the play-off positions. So my priority this summer is to get people who will add more goals to the team."

Sanchez didn't dismiss suggestions that Keith Scott might be returning to Adams Park. Sanchez said "I'm looking for a centre-forward but I admit I'm looking for someone younger than Scotty at this moment in time. We've got an ageing team and we need younger legs in the team. I'm not saying if the situation came up and there were no other centre-forwards about and we started the season without one that I wouldn't be interested in Scotty. I have great appreciation in what he can offer to a club."

A caller commented on how he thought that Sean Devine and Jermaine McSporran were too selfish. Sanchez was quick to defend the duo
 "The thing with strikers is that you have to be selfish to score goals. Baird is a classic example. He's scored five goals this season and is the most unselfish player in the team. He creates penalties for Sean and knocks people out of the way so 'Jocky' can score goals but he ends up with five goals and I'm looking around now someone who can score more than 'Bairdy'. So in being unselfish, 'Bairdy' is putting his position at risk.
I don't think Sean and Jocky are a natural pairing, in fact they are both lone strikers - they both need to play off another man. Ideally what I'm looking for is a big front man that can combine the two of them. I'd like to play with three up-front - a big front man and Sean and Jocky and with Bairdy as cover. If we could get away with that it would be brilliant, especially at home games."

Baird, whose injury hit season meant he made just 20 League starts for Wycombe during 1999/2000, is however still in Sanchez's plans.  
"I'm a great fan of 'Bairdy'. He's probably got the most assists of any player in our team. He's been nicknamed the 'crash-test-dummy' down at the Club because he spends most of his time getting battered by people.
You can never have too many good forwards. Any team that is going to be successful needs to have a lot of good forwards.
I'm not excluding Bairdy from the equation. We need need another option and it was shown when Keith Ryan played up front - he scored four goals but he gave us an extra option in the air.
I've read certain pieces on the Internet that we play 'Hoofball'. We don't play 'Hoofball' because we haven't got a big front man who we can play 'Hoofball' to. We've done exceptionally well to do what we've done without being able to cross the ball and someone to head the ball into the goal.

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