Number One

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WYCOMBE WANDERERS NUMBER ONE was originally released in 1991 to celebrate our visit to Wembley in the FA Trophy final. This version was backed by an Instrumental version of THE WANDERER. Alternative lyrics had been written for The Wanderer but clearance would not be given by the publishing company - owned now by Michael Jackson.
When Wycombe returned to Wembley two years later for another FA Trophy final WYCOMBE WANDERERS NUMBER ONE was updated with a 1993 VERSION.
These are the updated lyrics
WYCOMBE WANDERERS Number One (1993 Version)

Wycombe Wand'rers we are the best
Wycombe Wand'rers we'll show the rest
We've got Ivor for Chairman
We've got Martin and Glyn
We're Wycombe Wand'rers and we're gonna win.
Here we come Here we come here we come
Wycombe Wand'rers Number One

Verse One
If you come down to Adams Park
You'll see what we mean
We've got the finest football ground,
We've got the greatest team,
We've even got a pub as well
It's called 'The Centre Spot'
And you're invited down there
Wycombe Wand'rer or not.


Verse Two
We've made it to the Football League
We're in Division Three
The first time in one hundred years
of Wycombe's history
And just to crown this magic year
of nineteen ninety three,
it's Trophy time and once again
We're off to Wembley

chorus (twice)
Written and Arranged by Peter Vince
published by Eaton Music
Recording co-produced by Mike Jarrett, Peter Vince and Gareth Cousins
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London and released on cassette only by Conifer Records Limited, Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 8JL Middlesex.

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