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(Friday 29th May 2020)
A statement from the EFL Board on Friday 29th May 2020 indicated that a date of 15th June 2020 would be the earliest a decision would be made on the outcome of the 2019/20 season. Indications from member clubs suggest that Championship clubs would prefer to complete the season, while the majority of League One and League Two clubs are likely to opt to curtail the season, while still retaining the play-offs and relegation.
Full statement via the EFL website
(Sunday 24th May 2020)
As the COVID-19 situation continued to halt the 2019/20 season, the @GasManCOTN Twitter feed recalled the day of 24th May 1963 when Wycombe Wanderers completed an Isthmian League season that saw 54 days lost due to bad weather. The situation was described in the local press as: "The most awkward situation the Club has ever had to face.”
(Friday 22nd May 2020)
The EFL confirmed on Friday 22nd May 2020 that Championship clubs would return to training on Monday 25th May 2020 in conjunction with the introduction of new protocols for the testing of players and staff for COVID-19. No testing programme for League One or League Two clubs was confirmed, hence for Wycombe Wanderers, only small group training would be permitted.
Full statement via the EFL website
(Friday 22nd May 2020)
Wycombe Wanderers Manager Gareth Ainsworth was a guest on Sky Sports news on the morning of 22nd May 2020 to discuss the proposals to finalise the 2019/20 season. The Wycombe boss said: "PPG only puts [Wycombe] into the Play-Offs when we think we had a good chance of automatic promotion." Meanwhile, fellow guest Joey Barton (Manager of potential play-off opponents Fleetwood Town) commented: "We started out the season intending to play 46 games,” and concluding “The only fair way is to finish the season.” Ainsworth added: “We still have plenty to play for on the pitch. From a competitive point of view, give us the 10 games remaining because I believe we’ll finish in at least the play-offs, if not in the automatics."
(Thursday 21st May 2020)
The Club provided an update on 21st May 2020 following an EFL Board meeting the previous day to discuss the route to a conclusion of the 2019/20 season.
The key points were:
The vote to curtail the 2019/20 season would require 51% of all clubs in that division to vote in favour
If curtailed, placings will be decided on unweighted points per game (PPG)
Play-offs, promotion and relegation would be retained
No was date given on when Clubs will vote.
Read more details via @GasManCOTN on Twitter
(Friday 15th May 2020)
The EFL issued a statement at 4pm on Friday 15th May 2020 that confirmed should a curtailment of the season be agreed, final league positions would be determined by an unweighted points per game (PPG) calculation but the Play-Offs would continue in both divisions to determine the final promotion place. That situation would see Wycombe finish in 3rd spot in the table, with Coventry City 1st and Rotherham United in 2nd spot. Wycombe would therefore play Fleetwood Town in any play-off, with Portsmouth and Oxford Untied contesting the other semi-final. Meanwhile, The Championship looks likely to continue, albeit behind closed doors on dates to be determined.
Full statement via the EFL website
(Friday 15th May 2020)
Wycombe Wanderers Manager Gareth Ainsworth spoke to BBC 5 Live on 15th May 2020 regarding the halt to the season due to COVID-19. He said: “Financially, continuing the season would be a real stretch for us. I feel guilty even talking about football coming back when there are still 500 people dying every day. My job as a manager is to keep my players safe.” Wycombe had dropped to 8th in the table at the point the season was stopped but had a game in hand, meaning a Points Per Game scenario would push Wanderers back to 3rd. He added: “We’re ready for anything and we’re very adaptable to whatever situation comes our way. We’ve had a great season and I’m really proud of what the boys have achieved. With our game in hand I’d be confident we’d be right back in the mix.”
(Thursday 14th May 2020)
Peterborough United Chairman Darragh MacAnthony claimed via his Twitter account that he had been asked to relay a message on behalf of Oxford United, Fleetwood Town, Sunderland, Ipswich Town and Posh ahead of a meeting between League One and Two Clubs and the EFL on Thursday (14th May 2020). The statement read: “We have no desire for voiding the season, PPG scenario’s/letting a computer decide our footballing fate. For our fans/staff and for the integrity of our sport we are all looking forward to completing our pending Fixtures/season under guidance from the EFL at a time it is deemed safe to do so. Thank you for your time.”
The Posh Chairman with a reputation for online arrogance made the statement at a point his team would miss out on a play-off position should the season finish on points per game (PPG).
(Saturday 9th May 2020)
Sunday 9th May 1993 was the day Wycombe Wanderers took on Runcorn in the FA Trophy Final at Wembley – and for another lockdown special the COTN archives were duly raided, a VHS tape found, converted and uploaded to YouTube. More great memories via the @GasManCOTN Twitter feed
(Friday 8th May 2020)
On Saturday 8th May 1999 Wycombe Wanderers escaped relegation to the bottom tier of the Football League thanks to a late winning goal from Paul Emben in a 1-0 victory at Lincoln City. For the 2020 annual nostalgia trip of this memorable day, COTN reunited for the first time the 1170AM commentary from Alan Hutchinson with existing video footage.
(Tuesday 7th May 2020)
7th May 2020 marked the 30th anniversary of Wycombe Wanderers playing their final game at Loakes Park. The link below is to an article written on the 25th anniversary, while there are video memories via the embedded @GasManCOTN Twitter feed.
Last game at Loakes Park - archive feature from COTN
(Friday 3rd May 2020)
As we tried to keep ourselves amused during lockdown, I managed to find an archive of the BBC news feed from the day of the Torquay v Wycombe game on Saturday 3rd May 2014 and posted this via Twitter below.

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