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Adams Park - Wanderers home 1990 to present
This Adams Park - click here for a virtual tour by Chairboys on the Net Wycombe Wanderers played their first game at Adams Park in August 1990. It came after close to 30 years of seeking out a new site for the Club following the earmarking of the previous ground at Loakes Park for hospital development.
The departure from Loakes Park was an emotional one for Wanderers followers of the time but the new ground in Sands was seen as a major steping stone in edging the Club closer to Football League status.
The name of the new ground was also seen as a important link to the great tradition, history and heritage of the Wanderers and commentators at the time duley paid their respect to Wanderers greatest benefactor, Frank Adams, without whom the move from Loakes Park may never have been possible.

"Many people in the Town, County and indeed Country, will remember Frank Adams with affection. Of all his wide ranging interests one of the most important was his total passion for the boys from Loakes Park.
His generosity in giving Loakes Park to the Club was no doubt appreciated at the time but no one could have guessed how much it has been appreciated over the years. His son Jack following in his Father's footsteps as Patron of the Club has worked tirelessly since the decision was made to move from Loakes Park on order that the Club can prepare itself for the next era.
It is therefore with considerable pride and deepfelt gratitude that Frank Adams and Jack Adams are remembered and honoured in a tangible way by the naming of the new ground at Sands as 'Adams Park'"

Brian Lee (Director) - Wycombe Wanderers programme September 1988

"The name 'Adams Park' will remind us of the forsigtedness and generosity of Frank Adams when he donated Loakes Park to the Club all those seasons ago"
Graham Peart (Director) - Wycombe Wanderers programme September 1988

"The name of the ground is a tribute to the late Frank Adams as without his generous gift of the Loakes Park ground to Wycombe Wanderers there could not have been a new stadium."
John Goldsworthy (Former Club Secretary) - Wycombe Wanderers programme May 1990

"The new ground will retain its connection with Loakes Park, by naming it after the family that donated Loakes Park to High Wycombe in 1947. 'Adams Park' is a fitting tribute to the Adams family, a family that has supported Wycombe Wanderers over the last century, and, in particular, to Jack our Patron, who worked so hard in early days to achieve our new stadium. Along with my fellow directors, I look forward to welcoming you to Adams Park, after all, support has been the backbone of this Club for generations, and memories do last forever"
Ivor L.Beeks (Chairman) - Wycombe Wanderers programme May 1990

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